On the Day You Were Born

I learned this sweet baby-calming song from my colleague Kate during a meeting of children’s librarians. She made quite an impression on us. The Jbrary duo recorded the song, and I promised the musicians among our team that I’d figure out the chords. Have a listen to Dana and Lindsey.

The original is by Cathy Bollinger, from her 2005 album Toddlin Tunes, but the simplified storytime version sounds quite a bit different, and only covers the first verse.

On the Day You Were Born
C                                   F                  C

On the day you were born, I felt my heart get a little bigger
On the day you were born I felt it swell, swell, swell
       C                           F                   C

On the day you were born I felt my heart give a little giggle
                    G7          C

And I knew it would be a better world

2 thoughts on “On the Day You Were Born

  1. This song is SO cute! Will definitely be using it for my baby storytimes! I just started bringing my ukulele for our welcome and goodbye songs. I’m hoping to introduce a few new ukulele songs each week. It’s SO much fun!


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