Loud and Quiet

Have you listened to Caspar Babypants yet? The music is energetic, playful, and non-patronizing. There are awesome videos, and the guy even shares his lyrics and chords on his website. If your library doesn’t own his whole catalogue of children’s music albums already, I encourage you to remedy this oversight immediately.

This autumn I started playing Loud and Quiet with my toddlers and preschoolers. We all practice meowing loudly and quietly, and then I pull out my puppets and we loud/quiet whatever I have in my bag that day. It’s been a big hit both with and without the ukulele.

Loud and Quiet

[MEOW!] Loud cat loud cat loud cat. Loud cat loud cat loud.

[meow] Quiet cat quiet cat quiet cat. Quiet cat quiet cat now.

[RIBBIT!] Loud frog loud frog loud frog. Loud frog loud frog loud.

[ribbit] Quiet frog quiet frog quiet frog. Quiet frog quiet frog now.

Other animals...

P.S. Don’t know the song? When I’m braver I’ll try to record it. Meanwhile you can listen to a sample on cdbaby (track 10).


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