Clementine variations

I wouldn’t consider Oh My Darling, Clementine to be a storytime song, but it is definitely a popular tune for storytime variations. My favourite of this set is a song I learned as Picked an Apple from KCLS and Picked a Strawberry from my colleague Lindsey. It’s perfect for spurring discussion and audience participation, particularly when it’s growing season and we can talk about our gardens or local farms.

I’ve previously posted See You Later Alligator to the tune of Happy Birthday. Clementine is an alternative tune to match the same words.

Picked an Apple

Picked an Apple

Picked an apple, picked an apple

That was growing in the sun

Then I washed it, and I ate it
        C7             F

Then I picked another one

Any fruit or vegetable (ask the kids for suggestions)


I'm an airplane, I'm an airplane

Flying up into the sky

Flying higher, flying higher
      C7                  F

As I watch the clouds go by

I'm an airplane, I'm an airplane
See me flying all around

Flying lower, flying lower
        C7               F

Till I land down on the ground

See You Later, Alligator

See you later, alligator

In a while, crocodile

Give a hug, ladybug
        C7         F

Blow a kiss, jellyfish

Take care, polar bear

Out the door, dinosaur

See you soon, big baboon
         C7          F

Wave goodbye, butterfly

What’s the Weather?

What’s the weather, what’s the weather

What’s the weather, everyone?

Is it windy, is it cloudy
          C7                F

Is there rain, or is there sun?

Other Variations Include
Found a Peanut
There are Seven Days in a Week

Felt Story Extensions
Any set of weather-related felts or images would nicely supplement What’s the Weather.

I made a handful of popular fruits to accompany Picked an Apple, and I’d like to add a few silly options like ice cream and teddy bears to make the kids howl with joyful outrage.  Preschoolers are excellent at shouting out suggestions without much assistance, but toddlers may not have the vocabulary yet to participate without visual cues to assist them.  I made this set primarily for them.

For more felt-related storytime ideas, see this week’s Flannel Friday, hosted by Shawn at Read, Rhyme & Sing.

6 thoughts on “Clementine variations

    • My pleasure. I’m sure you have already some adorable fruit & weather felts that would go perfectly with these songs too. If you ever come across a ukulele, this is one of the quickest tunes for you to pick up. The transition between these 2 chords is very easy.


  1. Baby time version that gets a good laugh.

    Changed a diaper, changed a diaper
    that was dirty on baby’s bum
    then I washed him and changed him
    then he dirtied another one.

    Burped a baby, burped a baby
    that was gassy as can be
    then he farted and spat up
    all over me

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  2. I turned “Little Airplane” into a super super simple babytime movement song, which has become a huge hit!

    “Little airplane, little airplane,
    Flying up into the sky,
    Little airplane, little airplane,
    Flying down to the ground”

    We swoop our babies up and down like little airplanes! Everyone loves it, thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

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