Pop Goes the Weasel (and variations)

Here’s another classic (that I never use) with a few storytime variations that I think have a lot of promise. I learned Pop Goes the Berry when I brought my own child to some babytimes led by the wonderful Lindsey (of Jbrary fame). It’s a very adaptable song so now that berry season is over I may play it as Crunch Go the Carrots or All Around the Apple Tree.

And I love how I Eat a Rainbow invites the children to participate in the song. That’s a great way to keep older preschoolers engaged during programs, and just happens to model interactive language-play for families attending.

As usual, I’m posting very basic chords (simplified slightly from Storytime Songs).  More traditional versions (like on Got a Ukulele) feature more frequent chord changes. 

Pop Goes The Weasel
C     G7        C

All around the mulberry bush,
            G7        C

The monkey chased the weasel.
            G7        C

The monkey thought twas all in fun.
F    G7       C

Pop! Goes the weasel.

Pop Goes the Berry
C    G7         C

All around the strawberry fields,
               G7     C

We picked some juicy berries
                 G7       C

We brought them home and washed them off,
F    G7        C

Pop! Goes the berry!

Other berries...

I Eat a Rainbow Every Day
C         G7     C

I eat a rainbow every day
          G7   C

Foods of many colours 
         G7     C

Can you name a red food?
     F       G7    C

And can you name another?

Other colours...


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