Take Me For a Ride

I love Woody Guthrie’s children’s songs, and use modified versions of a few of them at my storytimes (I Dropped My Hat, Put Your Finger in the Air, One Day Old). If your library doesn’t have them already, I strongly recommend purchasing CDs like Songs to Grow On For Mother and Child (fun Guthrie originals), and Little Seed (lovely Elizabeth Mitchell covers).

When I’m at home I like to sing the original lyrics, but for toddler storytime I’m going for the most simplified version, which also happens to be the one featured on Tell Me A Story. I want the crowd to be able to learn it quickly, sing along with me, and remember it to sing again at home.

The song sounds best to me in the key of G, but it also works in A, C, or D (A/E7/D, C/G7/F, or D/A/G) if G doesn’t suite your voice or fingers.

Take Me For a Ride
G                          D

Take me for a ride in your car car
Take me for a ride in your car car
Take me for a ride, take me for a ride
D                          G

Take me for a ride in your car car

1. Vehicles: Tugboat / Airplane / Freight train / Fire truck...
2. Colours: Red car / Blue bike / Yellow bus...

Felt Story Extension
If you happen to have transportation felts, you can repurpose them for this song. A handful of different coloured cars will work just as well as a variety of vehicles. Until I can put together a nice selection, I’m using these simple cars at storytime:

Take Me For a Ride  Riding In My Car 

Car shapes are based on this template. We’re participating in Flannel Friday again this week, so check out the rest of the round-up with Storytime Katie.

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