Yo Te Amo

I learned this gentle lullaby from a beloved mentor/instructor back when I was in library school. I love asking my storytime group how they say “I Love You” in their myriad home languages and then singing them all together. It’s a wonderful way to get to know each other, and glimpse the diversity in our communities. And of course, it offers a moment to reinforce what a gift it is to speak and sing to a child in their home language.

I used to write our group’s “I Love Yous” on a flipchart or white board, but I’ve just made some reversible felt hearts to put up while we sing. I’ve made a few extra blanks so I can keep up with new languages and phrases that the families volunteer.

This song doesn’t seem to be too well known but one of my colleagues recorded it at a rhyme-sharing workshop, and you can listen to it here.

Update: You can now see my friends at Jbrary singing this as well. Thanks Dana & Lindsey! Also, I’ve learned the song origin, and can finally credit Uncle Ruthie Buell. It’s from her album Take a Little Step.

Yo Te Amo
Yo te amo, yo te amo
G7                        C

All day long I sing this little song to you

Yo te amo, yo te amo
G7             C

Darling I love you

Wo ai ni... (Mandarin Chinese)
Je t’aime... (French)
Mahal kita... (Tagalog)
Ich liebe dich... (German)
Sarang hae... (Korean)
Daisuki... (Japanese)

Yo Te Amo Yo Te Amo

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Ukulele Love Songs
This is the fifth in a series of love-the-littles songs.


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