Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks)

It’s the time of year when I’m likely to include chicks in my storytimes, so I’ve been learning to play Los Pollitos. I’ve borrowed an English translation from Elizabeth Mitchell’s You are My Little Bird, and found these simple chords from Ukulele Rocks. The song also sounds great in the key of G (which you can see in the You Are My Little Bird songbook). There are many other versions and translations out there, so sing whatever words you know or love best.

Los Pollitos
C                  F       C

Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio
F              C        G7            C

Cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frio
C                  F          C

La gallina busca el maiz y el trigo
F            C    G7            C

Les da la comida y les busca abrigo
C                 F           C

Bajo de sus alas sestn quietecitos
F              C   G7            C

Hasta el otro dia duermen los pollitos

The Little Chicks
C                           F       C

All the little chicks say, pio pio pio
F              C       G7            C

When they are hungry, when they are cold
C                       F            C

Mama chicken looks for corn and some wheat
F                    C       G7                  C

That will give them dinner, that will give them heat
C                   F            C

Under her wing the chicks she’ll keep
F          C           G7              C

Until the morning the little chickies sleep

5 thoughts on “Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks)

  1. Hi! I am a huge fan of your site — I play the uke in my storytimes and your site has given me SO much inspiration and help! I’m not super active on WordPress and can’t figure out how to message you directly, so I’m hoping it’s okay if I post my request here: I adore Mr. Roger’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor song, and I would love to sing it with our storytime families. I’ve found chords online but, as you may know, Fred Rogers was a trained pianist and the chords are pretty tricky and way beyond my skill level. Your simple breakdowns of songs are incredible, and I wondered if you’ve ever thought of adding any of Mr. Rogers’ songs to your site? Thanks so much for considering!


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