Little Bird Little Bird

Little Bird Little Bird (or Bluebird Bluebird) is a sweet gentle song, which can be sung about different colours or species of bird. Closing lines vary, but neither of the common ones (“Find molasses candy” or “Oh Johnny I’m tired”) feels right for my group. Instead, I’m going to try a line that encourages more discussion and participation (and motivates me to learn a few bird calls).

I’m rather in love with Elizabeth Mitchell’s rendition, so if you’re unfamiliar with the tune, give her a listen. Her chords are A and E7.

Little Bird Little Bird

Little bird little bird fly through my window

Little bird little bird fly through my window

Little bird little bird fly through my window
           G7       C

Sing your song this morning

1. Birds: Chickadee / Stellar Jay / Robin...
2. Colours: Red bird / Bluebird / Blackbird...

Little Bird

Storytime Extensions
This song pairs well with bird props, so if you have a few bird finger puppets, or can print or felt different coloured birds, then you’re good to go. I also love the popsicle-stick bird puppets shown at What Happens in Storytime, and I’m dreaming of making a set big enough for my whole storytime group. My own felt is based on a deservedly-popular pattern from Mel’s Desk, adapted to reflect local birds for the Pacific Northwest (adding Robin, Stellar Jay, and Red-Winged Blackbird). 

If you’re a fan of felts, check out this week’s Flannel Friday roundup over at So Tomorrow.


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