Rainbow Songs

My city celebrates Pride mid-summer, so all the rainbow (and love and family) songs I know are dancing through my mind.  Much credit for this goes to the amazing storytimers I work with who are so generous in sharing their knowledge and creativity. Thank you Suzy for the multicolour sheep idea, Jamie for inventing the rainbow verse in Rain is Falling Down, and Lindsey for introducing Colours Over You and Rainbow Dancers.

Rainbow Dancers is from Dr. Pam Schiller’s 2006 album Start Smart Songs for 1s 2s and 3s, and you can listen to a clip here. I think this song uses the tune of The Paw Paw Patch, but you can also chant it as per Jbrary. I’m posting a shortened version with just a few verses. For more directions and movements to try at your program see the lyrics at Storytime ABCs.

I usually sing Rain is Falling Down a capella so I can lead the hand gestures, but I’ve fumbled a couple chords that would work if you feel like strumming along. For this post, links in the song titles take you to Jbrary versions of the songs.

Rain is Falling Down
C                    (stop)

Rain is falling down. Splash!
C                    (stop)
Rain is falling down. Splash!
Pitter patter, pitter patter
C                    (stop)
Rain is falling down. Splash!

Sun is peeking out. Peek!...
Peeking here, peeking there...

Rainbows everywhere. Wow!...
Rainbows here, rainbows there...

Colours Over You
Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
C                  F          C

Red and green and yellow and blue
F              C       G7   C

These are the colours over you
C            F      C            G7

Red like an apple, green like a tree
C                F       C            G7

Yellow like the sun and blue like the sea
C                  F         C

Red and green and yellow and blue
F              C       G7   C

These are the colours over you

Rainbow Dancers
Tune: Paw Paw Patch
Rainbow dancers let’s get ready
Hold your scarves nice and steady
You’ll hear the colours of the rainbow
G7               C         (stop)
Listen for your time to go

Shake red…
Shake orange…
Shake yellow…
Shake green…
Shake blue…
Shake purple…

Rainbow dancers, dance around
Scarves swirl up and down
Overhead and on the ground
G7              C
Rainbows flying all around

Make a Rainbow
Tune: Skip to My Lou

Take a strawberry, put it in a pot
Stir it, stir it, stir it a lot
Take it out and what'll it be?
G7                    C
The prettiest red you ever did see

Other food felts/colours until the rainbow or flag is complete

Felt Story Extensions
I made arc and flag rainbows for Make a Rainbow so I could use this set in different ways, and I paired it with the rainbow foods I made for Aiken Drum. Most versions of this story use fruits for all the colours.

If your preschoolers are as rainbow-enthralled as mine, consider enhancing familiar colour-themed songs and rhymes with bonus felts. I haven’t made my Little Mouse a rainbow house yet, but here are my felts for Take Me for a Ride in your Rainbow Car and Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep.

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