I Love…

The original I Love… is a 1973 country song by Tom T. Hall. I found it via this sweetly gentle cover by the band Low, which sounds half like a lullaby already. I’ve been dreaming of writing it some babytime lyrics for years.

These are my own words, with direct influences from the original lyrics. I was aiming for a mix of lullaby-sweet and parent-relatable. There is so much potential for adapting this song to suit different ages, families, and children, and I’d like to invite you all to share any verses you might write for your own community.

If C isn’t a good key for your voice, try with D – G – A.

I Love…
C       F          C

I love little baby toes

F              C

Kisses on the nose

G7                         C

Sudden joyful laughs, and baths

         F               C

I love books we've read before

     F             C

The baby sign for more

G7                             C

Songs with made-up words, and birds

    F   G7      C

And I love you too

C       F             C

I love sleep without tears

F                 C

Friends who live near

G7                              C

Sunshine through the trees, and bees

        F                 C

I love laundry when it's clean

F                C

Band-aids and vaccines

G7                          C

Coffee when it's hot... or not

    F  G7      C

And I love you too