See You Later Alligator (Happy Birthday Version)

You can sing this goodbye song to a few different tunes. My colleague, Ning, taught me the Happy Birthday version, and I’ve been singing it as my primary closing song ever since. It’s wordier than most goodbye songs so if I’m visiting a group I don’t see regularly I’ll use a simpler, more intuitive song to end with. With my regular group I taped up the lyrics for the first year or two that I used it to encourage them to sing along, but it’s become familiar to enough participants that we do fine without.

The most common alternate version is sung to Clementine, but I’ve heard it at least two other ways. If i figure out those tunes, I’ll update this post.  And in case you’d like to use a welcome song with the same tune as your goodbye song, I’ve included one below.

See You Later, Alligator
C                   G7

See you later, Alligator

In a while, Crocodile

Give a hug, Ladybug
        C     G7    C

Blow a kiss, Jellyfish

      C          G7

Take care, Polar Bear

Out the door, Dinosaur

See you soon, Big Baboon
         C    G7    C

Wave goodbye, Butterfly

Good Morning To You
      C         G7

Good morning to you

Good morning to you

Good morning, dear children
      C      G7  C

Good morning to you


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