Down By the Station (and variations)

Transportation always goes over well at my storytimes, so this simple two-chord song is a winner. It’s easy to adapt to local modes of transportation (like my new “Aquabus” verse), to engage the kids and reflect the world they live in. Plus, this gives you a chance to include a literacy tidbit about adapting songs for your own family or singing songs throughout the day.

I play most children’s songs in the key of C, but I like how this one sounds in D. If you prefer easier chords, you can play this with F and C instead of D and A.

Down by the Station
D                    A            D

Down by the station early in the morning
                               A        D

See the little puffer bellies all in a row
                       A               D

See the engine driver pull the little lever
                          A     D

Puff, puff, toot, toot.  Off we go.

Over in False Creek early in the morning
See the little aquabuses all in a row
See the ferry driver starting up the motor
Brumm brumm brumm, and off we go.

Down at the airport early in the morning
See the giant jet planes all in a row
See the airplane pilots Checking all their dials
Vroom vroom vrroom, and off we go.

Out in the Garden
D                  A            D

Out in the garden early in the morning
                      A        D

See the red tomatoes all in a row
                      A            D

See the happy farmer coming out to pick them
                     A      D

Pick pick pick, and off he goes.

... See the (colour) (vegetable) all in a row...

Over in the Barnyard
D                      A            D

Over in the barnyard, early in the morning,
                             A        D

See the little baby chicks, all in a row,
                      A                D

See the busy farmer, scattering their breakfast,
                           A       D
Peck, peck, Cheep, cheep. Off they go.


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